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Tinta Roja Editoras


About us

We can put your ideas on paper. Tinta Roja Editoras creates original, innovative but serious content, designed by experts, to help you express yourself.

We have a network of contributors specialized in editorial, audiovisual, marketing and communication content who will gladly help you write your autobiography, edit that scientific compilation that is driving you crazy, translate a script or an agreement, manage your social networks, proofread the letters you won’t send to your ex, create content for your site… If you can imagine it, we can create it.

We form special teams to create the most appropriate editorial solutions for our clients. Scribble no more; your spelling terrors are a thing from the past. We are excited to fill the pages for your next project and fulfill your wildest editorial dreams.


Our values


We have a team of professionals who are not afraid to propose risky ideas to generate appropriate solutions for every need.


We mostly work with women because we are aware of the gender wage gap. We also collaborate with groups, companies and organizations who fight to maintain a fairer and healthier planet.


We have worked in the editorial field for more than fifteen years, hence, we sure can help you express your ideas in a timely and concrete manner. We seek excellence in our projects.


With sorority as our standard, we work hand in hand with trained professionals who make up teams that will cover all your needs.


We are true nerds, and we burn the midnight oil to make sure our projects are always on time.



We create specific solutions for your projects.

Editorial Services

We conceptualize different editorial services. Our specialties are editing, proofreading, translation, writing and project management…. Everything you need to make your ideas known to the world.


Content creation

It doesn’t matter if you need advice writing a book, creating the content for your website, a lifestyle article, a taco guide or an ad campaign. If you can imagine it, we can put it into words.


Communication stategies

Whether you need to advertise your brand in social networks, to improve the internal communication of your organization or sending a love letter to your ex.


Design & Audiovisual Content

Editorial and cover design, infographics, layout, illustration, photography and video.


About us

Daniela Valdez

Partner, CMO

Dariela Romero

Partner, Editor in Chief

She majored in translation studies, but her path always leaned towards writing and editing. Daniela has been working in the publishing industry for 15 years.  She has contributed as an editor in chief, translator and writer in national and international lifestyle magazines, in addition to translating scientific and literary texts for clients, publishing houses and institutions. She has also created marketing, communication and public relations for brands and companies; hence, her vision when planning an editorial strategy is 360.In her spare time she takes care of an urban garden, runs, reads, practices yoga. She is part of Contaminantes Anónimus and Fridays for Future, civil organizations that care for the environment.

Her major in Latin American Studies brought her closer to the editorial industry. For ten years, Dariela has worked in several activities, from proofreading to coordinating, writing and editing. Although she has specialized in mass media and worked in educational institutions, her eternal love for literature and art provides her an aesthetic vision in each project she plans. Her great passions are photography and travel chronicle, and luckily, she travels the world by bike doing both.


Our projects

#HéroesSinNombre | 19S

Eduardo Feldman, photographer

After the earthquake emergency on September 19, 2017 in Mexico City, photographer Eduardo Feldman photographed the face of Mexican solidarity. Tinta Roja Editoras published this noble and great adventure.

Anatomy of Mobility in Mexico

Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano

The Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development trusted us with a much needed review of the current mobility situation in Mexico.


We write articles and interviews for several magazines, such as Gentleman, DNA or Marie Claire.

Compendium of Scientific, Medical and Media Findings that Demonstrate the Risks and Damages of Fracking

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Foundation

We had the pleasure of translating the Compendium of Scientific, Medical and Media Findings that Demonstrate the Risks and Damages of Fracking of the HEINRICH-BÖLL-STIFTUNG foundation into Spanish.

Mármol Gurza

Social Media

We created a site, social networks and corporate look and feel for the most reliable marble store in our country.

Mexicano Masaryk


This delicious concept of contemporary Mexican cuisine already had an unusual menu when we arrived. Look how it looked like after.


Our Clients

We find the best solutions to your editorial needs.

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